Tiny Bikini Swimwear

Wearing a tiny bikini swimwear at the beach will certainly get you noticed. And by this, it means that your flaws may be noticed as well. It would be good if you do not care about what other people think about you, but chances are, you want to look your best in a place that is packed with so many swimsuit-clad women. To look your best entails various procedures, one of which involves removing unsightly hair. You need to have a hair-free bikini area so that you will not have stray hair strands peeking out of your tiny bottoms. One option that you can consider is undergoing a Brazilian wax procedure. If the prospect of having hair in your intimate area ripped out by its roots scares you, then you might consider just shaving it instead. Below are some guidelines on how you can achieve a smooth, hairless bikini line.

* Do the shaving after you shower

The hair and skin will be softened by the act of showering, so save the shaving after you’ve finished taking a bath. Before you proceed, though, you should first exfoliate the area you are going to shave so that the dead skin cells will be removed. Exfoliating will also prevent ingrown hair from developing.

* Remember to put on shaving gel

Do not skip putting on a thin coat of shaving gel. If you do not have shaving gel, you can use hair conditioner as a substitute. Putting on shaving gel would make the razor glide more easily over your skin. This also lessens the chances that you will get nicks or cuts on your skin.

* Have one of your legs propped onto an elevated, secure surface

It is easier to shave the pubic area when you have your legs set wide apart or if you have one of your legs up on a secure surface. When shaving, do so in the direction of hair growth, not against it. It is also important that you shave using long, smooth strokes. Pull your skin taut using your non-shaving hand.

* Rinse the shaver and your skin

Rinse the shaver after each stroke to avoid hair build-up. Once you’ve finished with the procedure, you should rinse your pubic area thoroughly as well. Pat your skin dry and use a toner with rosemary or witch hazel to prevent red bumps from forming. In case red bumps do appear, get an ice cube and glide it over the area. You can also use topical creams specifically created for razor burns.